Sunday, November 16, 2014

Special episode: KITM Re-cap

You  can listen directly to the podcast here!

Here is a special episode of the KnitSip podcast.  This is a Knittin' in the Mitten (KITM) re-cap.  I hope you enjoy the episode.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Episode 24: Monster Mash

You can listen directly to the podcast here!

Hello and welcome to the KnitSip podcast, a beverage themed knitting podcast.  

Show notes are coming very soon.  (It's late and I'm very tired right now.  Shownotes should be up tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday October 29th.)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Episode 23: Back to School

You can listen directly to the podcast here

Hello and welcome to the KnitSip podcast, a beverage themed knitting podcast.  I'm your host Shannon and I known as:
Snotestine - Ravelry
KnitSip - Plurk, Twitter, Everlapse, Tumblr, Flickr, MyFitness Pal
KnitSip 2013 - Instagram

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Spilled Beverages
Re-organizing the stash!  Reclaiming the "crap room" and turning it back into the Craft Room.  Slowly but surely.  If I'm brave enough I'll show you the before pictures.  (Beware, it's frightening.)

Serenity, my Kromski mintrel spinning wheel and I are taking a little break from each other.  I'm having difficulty spinning because my ply keeps breaking and I'm getting frustrated.  So we are having some time apart and when I find more patience I will come back to spinning on her.

Jaywalkers by Grumperina
Biscotte & Cie, Felix base, Watermelon colorway
LOVE!!  US 2 = 2.75 mm

Honey Cowl by Purl Soho
Spartacus Dyes in the "Oh There You Are Perry" color way
US 4 = 3.5 mm

Round Head in a Square Hat by Elsteffo Designs
Using my very own handspun
US 4 = 3.5 mm

Specialty Drinks
Outlandish KAL
Sponsored by Appleblossom and Ewe podcast
AppleblossomSF (Sarah) and Navy1990 (Matt) are sponsoring this wonderful Outlander themed KAL.  Choose from:
- Among the Heathers
- Claire's Shawl
- Jacobean Shawl

Count Down to Outlander KAL
Sponsored by the Knitmore Girls, Yarngasm, Subway Knits and Geek Girls podcast
This KAL is don on Instagram, post pictures of finished objects and tie it in to the Outlander series.  Use your creativity and see what others have done.  Use #countdowntooutlanderKAL when posting pictures to Instagram.

Classic Knits KAL
sponsored by A Homespun House and the Yarngasm podcast
Knit any "classic" aka popular designs on Ravelry and post them to the Homespun House and/or Yarngasm Ravelry group.  The guidlines are very liberal so check out their groups for more info and to see what everyone else is up to.

Geek Univeristy Ravelry Group
Come and get a majors degree in your favorite geeky subject.  This is a new Ravelry group and offers a few 100 and 200 level classes right now.  This is the first semester and the second semester sign up will open after the start of the new year.  Choose from 5 different geeky majors.  They include:
- Space Exploration (Sci-Fi, Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, etc.)
- Animation Art (Disney, Pixar, Anime, etc.)
- Majic Spells and Potions (Fairy Tales, Unce Upon a Time, Lost Girl, etc.)
- Paranormal Events (Supernatural, Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves, MIB, etc.)
- Historical Mysteries (Historical Fiction, Steam Punk, Diesel Punk, etc.)
-Heroes and Villains (Comic books, Superheroes, Avengers, X-Men, Agents of Shield, etc.)

The Head Mistress of this University is RoseCottage (Holly) and the Dean of Students is Domesticangel (Denise).  Head over to the Geek University Ravelry group an check out this awesome group.  Earn a college degree tuition free!

DancingGeek Podcast
hosted by DancingGeek (James)
This is a fabulous video podcast and is available through iTunes.  Also check out DancingGeeks Raverly group for more fabulous knitting.  James is in the UK and is fantastic to watch.  This podcast is relatively new and only has a few epsisodes but they are definately worth watching!

Knit 1 Geek 2
hosted by Karen and Maggie
This awesome audio podcast is hosted by knitwit1912 (Karen) and MASalter (Maggie).  They cover all things geeky and knitting (my two favorite subjects).  They are based in Canada and are absolutely hysterical to listen too.  If you haven't checked them out you must listen to them.  Especially if you are into geeky things!

Click for Babies KAL
hosted by Katie
Join Jetgirl1313 (Katie) of the Knittin' on the Fly video podcast as she and others knit or crochet premie and babies hats for the month of October.  October is Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness month so knit, crochet, sew, etc a premie or baby hat in a purple or mostly purple color and send the hats to Katie.  Prizes will be randomly drawn for participant in this KAL.

Your Drink is Ready
Hermoines Everyday Sock
Classic Knits KAL
Dances with Wool fingering weight, US 2= 2.75 mm

Boot Socks #2 for Mom
Viking of Norway, Viking Raggen, 70% superwash 30% nylon, 225 meters / 250 yards

Baby tube socks
my own design using left over Regia fingering weight yarn in a light blue color

Drive Through
Gaylord Knitters
Every Thursday from 4-8 pm at the Biggby coffee shop in Gaylord Michigan by I-75.  This is free and open to anyone who would like to sit and knit (or crochet) with us.

Cynthia's Too Open Knit
Saturday October 4th from 11 am - 3 pm.  This is free and open to everyone.  Located at 320 East Mitchell Street, Petoskey, MI.

Knitting Bingo
At Cynthia's Too Yarn Shop
Thursday October 9, 2014 from 5:30 - 7 pm.  Bring a hat to donate to the Children's Oncology Unit at University of Michigan, the person with the brightest hat wins a free Bingo card.  Bingo cards are $3/per card.  Buy as many cards as you like.  Bring extra or left over buttons as Bingo chips.  Pop and popcorn will be provided by Cynthia.

PJ Party at Cynthia's
Wednesday October 22, 2014 from 5:30 - 7 pm.  Wear your PJ's and slippers to this fun filled evening event.  The person with the oddest slippers wins a special prize!  This is free and open to eveyone.  Bring a munchie to pass and/or wine or just bring yourself.  Fun to be had by all.

That's the end of the show thank you so much for listening.  Please come back again and until next time I hope you find plenty of time to knit and sip.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Episode 22: Here Me Are

You can listen to the episode directly here!

Welcome to the KnitSip podcast, a beverage themed podcast.  My name is Shannon and you can find me as:

Snotestine - Ravelry
KnitSip - Plurk, Twitter, Everlaspe, Tumblr, Flickr and MyFitnessPal
KnitSip2013 - Instagram

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Boot Socks for Mom
Viking of Norway, Viking Raggen (70% SW, 30 Nylon).  Knits like butter!!!
US 4 = 3.5 mm
Knitting 2nd pair of sock.

free Rav. download
Using my own Handspun
US 7 = 4.5 mm
Almost finished with increases, next will be lace edging.

Spinning on my spindle
merino, yellow with splashes of pink.  Spinning on my Dragon Tree Tool from Highland Handmades.  Going slowly but surely.

Spinning on Serenity
Serenity, my Krimski Minstrel, spinning Highland Handmades Pitch Pine Top, 100% Polworth in the Not Soon Effaced colorway.  (2 lbs total, 4 braids)  Took 2 braids, 8 oz, and tore apart the braid seperating by color.  Will spin like colors with like, giving it a slightly gradient effect.  Will spin the last 2 braids as is.  My goal is to have a fractally spun finished yarn.

Spilled Beverages
Knitting on charity hat but not liking how the hat was turning out.  The hat was turning out too big for a child.

Specialty Drinks
Outlandish Shawl KAL
AppleBlossom and Ewe group, AppleblossSF (Sarah) and navy1990 (Matt), KAL with the group while watching/listening/reading the Outlander series.  Going on now thru October, pick from several different patterns.
- Claires Shawl
-Among the Healther
-Jacobean Shawl

Countdown to Outlander KAL
hosted by the Knitmore Girls, Yarngasm, Geeky Girls and Subway Knits podcasts.  This is done via Instagram, #countdowntooutlander, post pictures of your Outlanderish knitting.  Check out their Ravelry groups as well for more info, guidance and inspiration.

Classic Knits KAL
Co-hosted by Molly (Homespunhouse - Rav.) of the A Homespun House podcast and Kristin (vollenvine - Rav.) of the Yarngasm podcast.  This is a friendly KAL (or CAL) for those who want to knit "classic" patterns that are available of Ravelry.  "Classic knits" is loosely define.  Pretty much any popular pattern (again use your own discretion) on Ravelry.  Head over to either group for further details and inspiration.

Getting Ahead of the Game KAL
Hosted by Kay (bryonybear - Rav.) and Dan (obiwanknitter - Rav.) of the Bakery Bears Podcast. This is a way to get jump started on your Christmas knitting. Just think instead of a mad dash to finish you too can have visions of sugar plums on Christmas Eve. I plan on making quite a few filled slippers for the family as gifts this year.

Your Drink is Ready
Jumping ahead on Snuggles
2 crocheted snuggles, 3 strand worsted weight acrylic held together using an N hook = 10.0 mm.
Sadie (blueruin - Rav.) of the Yarnivore podcast does a yearly snuggles KAL/CAL/SAL in February.  There's also a friendly podcaster competition too, or you can go solo.  Check out for more info, guidlines and free patterns.

Mermaid Lagoon Socks
knit for mom (NoniNunes - Rav.) and she loves them!  Mermaid Lagoon, 2009, free pattern.  Sadie (blueruin - Rav.) of the yarnivore podcast is the designer.
A Geeks Yarn, Lakeshore colorway, US 2 = 2.75 mm needle

Boot Socks for Mom
Viking or Norway, Viking raggen (70% superwash wool, 30% nylon), 225 meters/250 yards,
US 4 = 3.5 mm
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this yarn.  So soft, knits like butter!!
Made tallish boot sock for mom, had about 15 - 25 yards left over.  Won the knitting chicken game!
Crocheted & Knit T-shirt
My own design using Caron Country in a purlple color, H hook =  5.0 mm and US 7 = 4.5 mm

I'm using my own handspun to knit my Multnomah Shawl. 2 ply yarn of unkown type of wool, 478 yards of a DK/worsted weight yarn.

Bakery Bears Podcast (Video)
Kay (Bryonybear - Rav.) and Dan (Obiwanknitter- Rav.) co-host this lovely podcast.  Kay is the fabulous designer behind the Mrs. Baker Bear and Mr. Bakery Bear patterns available on Ravelry. As the mom of an 8 year old little boy I love the cameo their little one sometimes makes.
You can expect to see fabulous knitting, fantastic Lego builds, Kay's beautiful knitting bags and knitting at some great locations in the UK.  Check them out!

Appleblossom and Ewe Podcast (Video)
Sarah (ApplebloosomSF - Rav.)  and Matt (navy1990 - Rav.) are back to hosting this wonderful and uplifting podcast. Watching them is very uplifting and inspirational. Sarah is the wonderful designer behind
Yarns and Tales Podcast (Audio)
This is a wonderful audio podcast that is available through iTunes. I wasn't able to find a Ravelry group but was able to find a Facebook page. Lea is the host and has a wonderful southern drawl. She is funny and very positive to listen to. Her episodes generally run about 30 minutes. Check her out I'm sure you'll enjoy listening.
The KAL Gals Knitcast (Audio)
is audio podcast is done by a fantastic duo, Josie (JosieLynne - Rav.) and Sophia (phiden - Rav.). They podcast from opposite coasts and have a monthly KAL that anyone can join in on. I won't lie I totally drank the Kool Aid and wanted to cast on everything they were talking about. After stepping back from that crazy knitting ledge I continued to listen to every episode they have. Both Josie and Sophia are naturally at ease with each other and in front of the mike. Check them out and check out their Ravelry group.

On Tap
I have been infusing alcohol and vinegar (not together). It's really easy to do. Take any fruit of your choice (I usually use 2-3 pints of fruit) that's fresh and in season then submerge with your choice of alcohol or vinegar. I have done this with vodka, white rum and white wine vinegar. Make sure the fruit is washed and the liquid covers the fruit. Set in the back of the fridge for 14 - 30 days. Pour back into original container and it would help to label what fruit you used to infuse it with.

After I'm done infusing the alcohol I put the fruit in a small saucepan with 2 1/2 cups sugar and 1 cup water. Bring to a rolling boil stirring pretty constantly. Reduce heat slightly (medium to medium-high) and reduce the liquid by at least 1/3. Remove from heat and let cool some. Pour into a safe container and refrigerate. This makes a tasty jam with a kick. Don't worry all the alcohol will be boiled (cooked) out. The jam will have the taste of whatever alcohol was infused with the fruit. Goes great with toast, crackers and cheese, over ice cream, etc.

On the House
If you won a prize from last episode and haven't done so, please contact me. I sent out prizes to those who did contact me. I hope you liked your prizes and thanks for listening.

In this episode I featured a couple of designers who are also podcasters. As a way to support fellow podcasters and wonderful designers I will be giving 2 people the pattern of their choice from either designer. Leave a comment in episode 22 for a chance to win. If you can't wait until next time check out Kay's designs or Sarah's designs. Both are fabulous!

Drive Through
Almost every Thursday I can be found knitting with the Gaylord knitters at the Bigbby coffee shop in Gaylord, Mi from 4-8 PM. This is free and open to anyone. Come knit, enjoy free wifi and just all sound fun.

Cynthia's Too Open Knit
Saturday September 6th from 11 am - 3 pm at Cynthia's Too yarn shop. Karen will be giving a blocking demonstration using blocking wires. This is free and open to anyone who wants to attend.

Thank you for listening. If you're a new listener that for giving me a try. If you're a returning listener bless you and this for coming back.

A thank you and shout out to the swap angels of the Sherlock Holmes Read Along Group. I loved everything that I received. Thank you, thank you.

Another shout out to Diane (knitabulls - Rav.), I won a braid of fiber in one of her giveaway threads. It's a 4 oz. braid of Numma Numma in the Sangria color way. It's absolutely gorgeous and I have been admiring it quite a bit.

Please come back for episode 23 and until then I hope you find plenty of time to knit and sip.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Episode 21: Knitting Chipmunks

Listen directly to the podcast here!

Thank you for your patience.  I hope you enjoy the episode.

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Specialty Drinks
On the House
Drive Through

Mermaid Lagoon Socks
Knitty Summer 2009, free pattern, cuff down
A Geeks Yarn in the lakeside color way
US 2 = 2.75 mm

Spinning on my Kromski spinning wheel named Serenity.
Fiber Addiction batts in the Like Whoa color way

Drop Spindling beautiful yellow merino, love!

Specialty Drinks
Peggy sue by Wooly Mammoth Designs
Free Rav. pattern, top down raglan.  Participating in the Vintage: 1950's KAL group on Ravelry

Stash Dash 2014
Sponsored by the Knit Girllls podcast and Ravelry group
Goal: knit, crochet, spin, tat, weave, et. 5,000 meters (or 5,470 yards) by August 8, 2014.
A wonderful challenge with lots support and some friendly encouragement as well as a little good sported competition.

Cynthia's Too Charity Hat Drive 2014
Goal: knit 175 hat by November 2014.  These hats will be donated locally to those who need them.

A Homespun House Craft-a-long
Molly (ahomespunhouse - Ravelry) the podcaster behind A Homespun House video podcast is hosting a craft-a-long (CAL).  Anything besides knitting counts.  Check out her Ravelry group for guidelines and inspiration.

Your Drink is Ready
Moonkoosa Boots by Tiny Owl Knits
$5.00 Ravelry pattern
Stonehedge Fiber Mills Shephards Worsted (held double to make a bulky weight yarn) in the lime green color way.  These boots are very Grinch-like.

Jeck Socks by Regina Satta
free pattern on Ravelry, cuff down
Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock in the Aegir color way, US 2 = 2.75 mm

Hanspun Pillow Covers
1 - knit, 1 - crochet

On The House
Congrats to the prize winners

Ravelry group membership winner is: ATexasYarn, who won a skein of Plymoths Coffee Beanz yarn.

KnitSip Blog follower winner is: Tracee, who won a skein of Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock in the Federal color way.

KnitSip Ravelry Group Prize thread winners are:
acan, Alicia, who won the Wisdom Yarns poem sock skeins.
lastknit2, Lisa, who won any one item from Highland Handmades shop.
lmecoll, Linda, who won any one item from Tix Trinkets etsy shop.
knittybella, who won a skein of 716 in the Care Bears With Fangs color way.
crazyknittingfool, Kristyn, who won a skein of Highland Handmades Bass Wood Bulky in the Heather's Dilemma color way.
knitgal2, Pam, who won a skein of Socks That Rock Medium weight.

Drive Through
Gaylord Knitters every Thursday from 4-8 pm at the Bigbby coffee shop by I-75 in Gaylord, MI.  It's free and open to anyone who would like to come.  Wonderful drinks, free wifi, large flatscreen tv and wonderful people to chat with.

Cynthia's Too Open Knit
Saturday July 19th, it's free and is open to anyone who would like to attend.  This is also Art in the Park in downtown Petoskey.  Cynthia's will also be doing a potluck.  Bring a dish to pass or just bring your appetite and something to work on.  See you at 320 E. Mitchell Street, Petoskey MI, 49770.

Charlevoix Fiber Fest
July 25 - 27th at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, MI.  This coincides with the Charlevoix Venetian  Festival as well.  Admission is $5.00 per person/ per day, children 12 and under are free.
Friday 25th 1 pm - 7 pm
Saturday 26th 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday 27th 10 am - 4 pm

Michigan Fiber Fest
Allegan, MI
Workhops August 13-17
Fiber Festival (Vendor Market) August 16-17

Thank you for listening and I hope you come back.  Until then I hope everyone finds plenty of time to knit and sip.

If you are a prize winner and haven't contacted me please do so.  I'm snotestine on Ravelry or you can email me at knitsip(at)gmail(dot)com.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Episode 20:

You can listen directly to the podcast here.

Hello and welcome to the KnitSip podcast, a bi-weekly beverage themed podecast.  I'm you host Shannon and I'm known as:

snotestine - Ravelry
KnitSip - Plurk, Twitter, Everlapse, Tumblr, Flickr, myfitnesspal
KnitSip2013 - Instagram

In Line
Happy belated Mother's Day!

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On The House
Drive Through

Spilled Beverages
Broken-ish spinning wheel, need the hubs to fix.  The legs have become wobbly and I need the hubs to convert my bulky flyer.  (When he gets home from Army drill.)  Need to stain and varnish my bulky flyer.  Prepping for Tour de Fleece.

Drop Spindling 100% Merino top.  Fiber was a prize from Sara (AppleblossomSF - Rav.) of the former Apple Blossom and Ewe podcast.  Using one of my drop spindles (Dragon Tree Tools) form Highland Handmades.

Jeck Sock, Regina Satta, free Ravelry download
Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock, Aegir color way, US 2 = 2.75 mm

D-Man Sock by Karen S. Lauger
Free Ravelry downloan, doing my own variation, socks will be for little man
US 2 = 2.75 mm,

Specialty Drinks
Month of Socks Kal
The Must Stash Podcast, hosted by Steph (SupaSteph - Ravelry) and Stacie (Freeflower-Ravelry) is hopsting a sock KAL that is ongoing thru the month of May.  I plan on finishing my 2 pairs of Stitch Surfer socks.

Peggy Sue KAL
1950's KAL : Peggy Sue Ravelry group, hosted by Yasmine (YasmineCherfi-Ravelry), knitting the cardigan Peggy Sue by Linda Wilgus of Wooly Mammoth Knits.  It's a free Ravelry pattern and is super adorable.  Top down raglan cardigan.
Misti Alpaca tonal, US 6 = 4.0 mm, grapey purple color way. 

Knitmore Girls SPAKAL
Join myself and the Knitmore Girls in this wonderful event.  The "official" start date is Tour de Fleece but feel free to start spinning for your sweater early.  Knit the Harvest or the Flax by Tin Can Knits or pick a sweater of your own to spin for.  I'm still deciding on what fiber to spin and where to purchase.  Reccomendations? Would love to hear from you.

Your Drink is Ready
Moonkoosa Boots by Tiny Owl Knits
Took a Saturday class at my LYS.  Kelly (grannyfirefly-Ravelry) taught the all day class and I love how my first pair of fuled slippers turned out.  Plans to make more as Christmas gifts.
$5.00 Ravelry download, bulky weight, US 11 =
Shepards Wool, Stonehedge Fiber Company in the lime colorway.  My slippers remind me of the Grinch.

Dome Hat by Cookie A

On The House
Podiversary Giveaway
Ends at the end of the month.  Mulitiple ways to win:
- Become a member of the KnitSip Ravelry Group
- Follow the KnitSip blog
- Enter the Podiversary Giveaway thread in the KnitSip Ravelry group

Must Stash Podcast (Video podcast)
Stacie (Freeflower - Rav.) and Steph (SupaSteph - Rav.) co-host this wonderful energetic podcast.  They are from Texas and I was stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX.  Loved my time there and love seeing what Stacie and Steph are working on.  Check out their group, participate in their events and check out Stacie's fabulous etsy shop.  What a great way to perk up your day!

Knitting Rose Podcast (Audio podcast)
Hosted by Lise (KnittingRose - Rav.) and Brad (BixTexan - Rav.).   Both have a very soothing voice and are easy to listen to.  Besides wonderful knitting segments they also review books, movies and talk about Lise's business Knitting Rose Yarns.  Check them out I'm sure you'll enjoy listening too.

Drive Through
Gaylord Knitters
Thursday from 4-8 pm at the Bigbby coffee shop in Gaylord.  Free and open to both fiber and non-fiber people.  Free wifi, large flat screen television, tons of seating, wonderful coffe and non-coffee drinks.  Come check us out we'd love to knit and sip with you.

Charlevoix Fiber Fest
Friday July 25th - Sunday July 27th at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, MI.  This is a wonderful fiber event that is on the smaller side but packed full of wonderful fibery goodness.  There is $5 fee to get in per day but well worth the money.  The event offers hourly door prizes, wonderful vendors, aplacas and angoras to pet (or buy) and sheep hearding demonstrations.  I always get little man at least one fiber related kids book every year.    Venetian Festival will be going on in Charlevoix all week as well, so non-fibery people might enjoy the festivities downtown while your getting your sheep on!

Thank you so much for listening.  Show notes can be found on the blog or on the KnitSip Ravelry group.  You can listen directly to the podcast from the link provided or you can subscribe via iTunes.  If you'd like to get ahold of me I'm snotestine on Ravelry or email me at knitsip(at)gmail(dot)com.  Come back in two weeks for another wonderful show and find out whose won prizes.  Until next time I hope you find plenty of time to knit and sip.